Gorka Disappointed With Geraldo’s ‘Non-Apology’ On Trump’s ‘Animals’ Comment

Fireworks ensued on Friday night’s edition of “Hannity” when fill-in host Judge Jeanine Pirro invited former Trump deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka and Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera on to discuss President Trump’s recent characterization of MS-13 gang members as “animals.”


“I understand, Geraldo, that what the president said about MS-13 was in reaction to what someone had said before about those MS-13 gang members, and that’s why he called them ‘animals,'” said Pirro. “Even you, a smart person like you were caught off guard thinking that he was talking about everyone as animals. Take it back.” (RELATED: Media Falsely Accuses Trump Of Calling Immigrants ‘Animals’)

“Well, the president’s remarks were released piecemeal by people criticizing the president for using those hot button words like ‘animal,'” said Rivera. “And when I first read it was not in the context of MS-13. It was just, you know, I thought he was talking about immigrants generally and it was very disconcerting to me.”

Geraldo said he “amended” his remarks after Hannity told him to “read the context.”

“You have to be careful that you are not demonizing the entire group and I think that that’s what the Democrats seized on and in some cases president creates more problems for himself than what it’s worth,” he said. “We just have to be careful not to paint with a broad brush.” (RELATED: Sarah Sanders Doubles Down On Trump’s MS-13 ‘Animals’ Comment)

“Look, I am a little disappointed with Geraldo’s non-apology,” Gorka said. “Geraldo, you’ve met the president. How can you even posit for a millisecond that he thinks all immigrants is animals. He is married to an immigrant. It’s absurd. The fact that he was taken out of context isn’t an accident.”

“Yeah, judge,” continued Gorka, “it is amazing to have a president that finally talks the truth and that’s why he connects to the American people who know these people are killer and animals.”

After Judge Jeanine and Rivera went back and forth on when MS-13 became well known, Rivera called Gorka’s “attack” on him “inflammatory.”

“The problem with inflammatory remarks like Dr. Gorka’s attack on me just now is that it obscures the big issue,” said Rivera. “We as lawyers and people who care about law and order, we want the federal, state and local governments to use every tool to crush these criminal organizations. They are organized criminal organizations who have no place in American society. We want them crushed.”

“What is your point?” asked Pirro.

Geraldo noted his fear that we “paint with a broad brush” the “tiny sliver” of immigrants who are gang members.

“We’ve got to be straight shooters,” responded Pirro, noting that immigrants want MS-13 gone too. “Let’s call them what they are. I don’t care if someone misinterprets it. It is it about time we say this is right this is wrong and this is legal and this is illegal.”

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