Tucker Hammers Lindsey Graham For ‘Lying’ About Confidential Informant Not Being A Spy

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson took on Lindsey Graham’s definition of the word “spy” on his Friday night show, saying the South Carolina senator was “prevaricating, or in other words, lying.”

“We’re gonna start with the FBI’s efforts to spy on the Trump campaign back in 2016,” Carlson said. “That happened, and there is a lot more evidence for it than there is for collision with Russia, but not surprisingly the media response has been particularly dishonest.”

Tucker then played a montage of media figures stating that President Trump’s contention that there was a spy in his campaign is “baseless,” a “fake issue,” and a “phony baloney story.” (RELATED: Graham: ‘A Confidential Informant Is Not A Spy’)

“They are liars,” said the Daily Caller founder, before speaking directly to recent statements by Graham. “Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, as reliable a barometer of mindless conventional wisdom as exists on planet Earth, explained it this way in a recent interview, quote, ‘a confidential informant is not a spy.’ Well Senator Graham did not explain what exactly a confidential informant is, if not a spy, because of course they are one and the same. A confidential informant is someone who is informing confidentially, in other words, spying. Any senator who pretends otherwise is prevaricating, or in other words, lying.” (RELATED: Dear New York Times: Call A Spy A Spy [VIDEO])



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