Radio Host Celebrates Memorial Day By Honoring Those ‘Resisting’ Trump

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Anti-Trump radio host and Daily Beast columnist Dean Obeidallah caught some flak on Sunday for a Memorial Day tweet that compared the bravery of those who fight back against President Donald Trump to the selfless sacrifice of military service members.

When someone objected to his comparison, Obeidallah’s response to his critic’s profile photo made things worse.

The person in the photo was not wearing a “Nazi” outfit, but was in fact wearing an American Army uniform from the Vietnam era. The son of the man pictured, who had posted the initial criticism to Obeidallah’s tweet, explained the uniform — and the fact that his father had been a U. S. Army Captain who was killed in Vietnam.

Obeidallah quickly backpedaled, but left room in his “apology” to take another swing at President Trump. (RELATED: Dean Obeidallah: I Hope The Toronto Attacker Isn’t Muslim, Because Trump Might Politicize It)

His apology was accepted, with a caveat: “But historical knowledge is important.”