Giuliani: FBI, DOJ Are Being ‘Hypocritical’


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani said on Sunday that he believes the FBI and DOJ are being “hypocritical” in the way they are handling information about the Trump campaign informant.


Giuliani told CNN’s Dana Bash during a “State of the Union” interview that the explanations for why the informant was placed in the campaign have “contradictions.”

“I see contradictions,” Giuliani said. “I see Clapper saying that there was a spy but he was spying on the Russian end. But spying on the Russian end if they thought there was collusion meant spying on the president’s campaign.”

He also noted that the FBI and DOJ have claimed that releasing the identity of the informant would put him in danger. Yet, Giuliani argued, the FBI and DOJ have failed to provide the informant with protection even after his identity was reported by the press.

“The name here has already been put out there and I don’t know if it’s true. But if it is true and it’s dangerous to this man, he better be protected already,” Giuliani asserted. “I don’t believe he’s being protected. It says to me that maybe the FBI and the Justice Department is being a little hypocritical here?”

Bash asked Giuliani to clarify why he thinks the FBI and DOJ are being “hypocritical.”

“Well, they said he can’t be revealed because it’s dangerous. Now he’s been revealed — Wall Street Journal, several other newspapers — if that man is the man he better be protected…I hear he’s not. What’s going on?” Giuliani questioned.

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