San Juan Mayor Falls For Fake News Again, Attacks Trump For Obama Immigration Policy

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Carmen Yulin Cruz, mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, has fallen for fake news once again.

On Sunday, she took aim at the Trump administration by posting photos of immigrant children being held, away from their parents, in holding facilities that appear to be less than comfortable.

Twitter translates her tweet to read as an indictment of President Trump’s immigration policy, saying, “So is keeping the Adm Trump to minors whose parents are immigrants without documents. This is a vile violation of your rights.”

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But the photos are actually from an article that was published by AZCentral in 2014, a fact that was revealed after they circulated social media on Saturday and Sunday among a number of the president’s critics.

Cruz, who has butted heads with President Donald Trump on several occasions since Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, famously fell for “fake news” once before when she responded to an article published by The Onion. The article claimed that President Trump was awarding snack food giant Nabisco a contract rebuilding roads in Puerto Rico.

Cruz responded to the article by saying, in a now-deleted tweet, “Is this true? Great company, but not for making roads. Who is in charge?”