NBC Reporter Slams Hype Over English Teacher Who Corrected Trump Letter

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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NBC reporter Stephanie Gosk chided the media Tuesday for their incessant coverage of a retired English teacher who corrected a letter signed by President Trump.


CNN interviewed the teacher at least twice on Tuesday after her grammatical corrections on the Trump letter went viral. (RELATED:CNN Gives Major Airtime To Teacher Who Corrected Trump’s Spelling)

NBC’s “Megyn Kelly Today” also discussed the letter with a panel on Tuesday, but Gosk was unimpressed by the hype and said it was just another example of media people going “insane” over anything negative about the Trump administration.

“We spend so much time going after a full spectrum of criticisms when it comes to the Trump White House,” she said.

Gosk alleged that the media is so caught up in criticizing Trump that they missed the point of the letter and the broader issues at play.

“This is a question about teenagers being gunned down in schools. That’s what this letter was about,” she explained. “And we are talking about whether or not to capitalize the word ‘federal’ in a letter. It is not about that. We are missing the larger point.”

“And this went viral and everyone went insane because everyone goes insane all the time with this White House. But let’s get to the real issues and take all of that energy and pour it into stuff that matters,” she concluded.

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