People Want Roseanne Fired Over Tweet Attacking Valerie Jarrett

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Actress Roseanne Barr is under fire for a Tuesday morning tweet attacking Valerie Jarrett, advisor to former President Barack Obama. Barr later deleted the tweet — but not before a number of people called for ABC to fire her from her newly-rebooted show.

Barr’s tweet compared Jarrett, who was born in Iran to African-American parents, to apes and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Rosanne Barr Tweet, Screenshot via CNN

Rosanne Barr Tweet, Screenshot via CNN

Many critics were quick to respond to her tweet, calling for ABC — and parent company Disney — to reconsider Barr’s employment.

Barr responded to CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski, claiming that her comment was meant to be a joke — but Kaczynski suggested that it was not likely to be taken as such.

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Poll screenshot via TVline

Poll asking voters is “Roseanne” should be “scrapped” from ABC shows 58 percent in favor, screenshot via TVline

In light of Barr’s comments, TVline published a poll asking whether the already contracted season 11 of “Roseanne” should be scrapped — so far 58 percent of those polled are ready to see her off the air.