Warren Says Trump Invented ‘Spygate’ Because He’s Afraid Of Mueller

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts claimed that “Spygate” was an fantasy of President Donald Trump’s invention, used to distract people from the Mueller investigation that might be getting a little too close for comfort.

She said he has figured out what “works” to distract the American people, and “he’s throwing everything he can in the road”

Joy Behar first raised the question of “Spygate,” saying that President Trump appeared  to be “making it up as he goes along,” and lamented that “people are believing him.”

Warren explained that President Trump’s ability to tap into the public conversation was working to his advantage as he used misdirection to keep people focused on anything but the Mueller investigation.

“You know, look, Trump is figuring out what works, and that is the more he is afraid of what the special prosecutor, Mueller, is doing, the more Trump is worried about where that investigation is going. And remember, that investigation has already produced 16 indictments or guilty pleas, so this is a serious — A serious criminal investigation. As Trump hears the hoof beats that that’s getting closer to him, he’s throwing everything he can in the road including, oh, let’s undermine the FBI.”

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Warren, who admitted that she wasn’t quite ready to say that Trump should be impeached, said that her main priority was to make sure that Mueller was allowed to finish his investigation without political interference. She said, “I take this very seriously. This is a serious constitutional move. My view on this is protect the special prosecutor, let him finish his work without political interference. Let him make a full report to the American people and then collectively we can make the decision about what the appropriate next step is.”