Wrap Your Wrist With The Strength And Style Of Paracord For Less Than $20

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Paracord, the lightweight rope used in the suspension lines of parachutes throughout WWII, has made its way into all sorts of products today. Since it’s both durable and flexible, you’ll find it everywhere, including badass accessories. With a Paracord Bracelet, you can wrap your wrist with the strength and style of paracord — all for less than $20.

Normally $30, this paracord bracelet is 34 percent off

Normally $30, this paracord bracelet is 34 percent off

Paracord Bracelet on sale for $19

This bracelet gives you both style and strength at an affordable price while making sure you’re ready for anything that’s thrown your way. It’s made from lightweight but strong, military-grade paracord and is one size fits all. Meaning, you’ll get the perfect fit regardless of your wrist size and always have quick, convenient access to paracord in case of an emergency. Plus, with matte clasps holding the cord together, you’ll get a bracelet that never falls apart or comes undone — unless you want it to.

Made in the United States, this bracelet also gives you the flexibility to match different types of styles. Coming in Special Ops (black) or Commander (brown), you’ll choose the bracelet that elevates your manly style to the next level, getting compliments left and right like the badass you are.

Get the style and strength of a Paracord Bracelet for $19 in The Daily Caller Shop. That’s 34% off the original price of $29.00. Even better, use the included coupon code for an additional 15% off your purchase.

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