Acosta Puts Fox News In The Same Category As Conspiracy Websites

Mike Brest Reporter
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CNN’s Jim Acosta conflated Fox News with conspiracy theory websites Wednesday as he discussed his interactions with Trump supporters at a campaign rally Tuesday night.

“I thought it was fascinating, so many people came up to us and sometimes, yes they would they would express their frustrations with the media and so on and parrot things they hear on Fox News and other conspiracy minded websites that I won’t mention by name,” Acosta said.

The CNN White House correspondent also said that a fan spent about 20 minutes screaming at him, saying that he was fake news.

“This gentleman who came up to me during the rally wearing a ‘you are fake news’ t-shirt,” he explained. “We shook hands. We had a nice conversation, about five or ten minutes. That was really emblematic of the vast majority of people in the Trump crowd.”