CNN Plays Footage Of Trump Supporter Shouting At Jim Acosta: ‘You Work For CNN, Dude. You’re A Scumbag!’

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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CNN filmed an angry Trump supporter who was yelling at them during President Trump’s rally in Tennessee Tuesday night.

Trump called the press during the event “fake news”

“There they are right back there. They’re fake,” Trump said, “They are fake. Look how many of them. Look how many of them. Oh, boy. That’s a lot of people back there. That’s a lot of people. Fake news.”

CNN’s Jim Acosta described on Wednesday a man who approached the press cage and yelled at him. The man said, “These scumbags. You’re disgusting! That’s the scumbag right there,” pointing at Acosta, “Look at the scumbag! You work for CNN, dude. You work for CNN. You’re a scumbag!”

Acosta then responded, saying “It is a little surreal to hear that stuff hurled at you while Elton John’s ‘Tiny dancer’ is playing in the background,” before saying that another man came up to him in a “You are fake news” t-shirt and was very polite.

It was awkward.