Hot Mic Catches The Four Powerful Words Trump Said To Handicapped Individuals At White House

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Trump signed the “Right to Try” bill today at the White House, joined onstage by Vice President Mike Pence and patients with debilitating diseases who will benefit from the legislation.

“Right to Try” loosens regulations on experimental drugs and treatments for individuals suffering from terminal diseases. In some cases, the legislation will bypass the laborious FDA testing process to expedite treatment for the suffering individuals.

Upon entering the room, Trump spoke with each individual onstage before making his remarks. As the president was leaning in to speak with a man in a wheelchair, a hot mic picked up Trump’s words.

Screenshot/Youtube/White House

After exchanging pleasantries with the group onstage, Trump was overhead saying, “We’re going to do this first. This is more important. A speech is just words. This is more important,” as he continued to go one by one shaking hands of the individuals.

The individuals onstage, via the White House:

Matthew Bellina, PA, ALS patient (bill namesake)

Caitlin Bellina, PA, Wife of Matt

Jordan McLinn, IN, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) patient (bill namesake)

Laura McLinn, IN, mother of Jordan

Frank Mongiello, PA, ALS patient (bill namesake)

Marylin Mongiello, PA, Wife of Frank

Tim Wendler, WI, Husband to Trickett Wendler who died from ALS (Trickett Wednler – bill namesake)

Tealyn Wendler, WI, child of Trickett Wendler who died from ALS

Mike Cimbura, CO, ALS Patient

Nicole Cimbura, CO, Wife of Mike

Diego Morris, AZ, Osteosarcoma patient

Paulina Morris, AZ, Mother to Diego