Trump Compliments Young Boy With Muscular Dystrophy — The Boy’s Response Makes The Room Melt

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Trump signed the “Right to Try” bill today at the White House Wednesday, surrounded onstage patients with debilitating diseases who will benefit from the legislation.

One of those was Jordan McLinn. McLinn is battling muscular dystrophy, a terminal illness. McLinn and his family have been lobbying Congress to pass federal “Right to Try” legislation.

“Right to Try” loosens regulations on experimental drugs and treatments for individuals suffering from terminal diseases. The legislation bypasses the laborious FDA testing process to expedite treatment for the suffering individuals.

The 9-year-old McLinn has been the face of the legislation, which Trump signed into law Wednesday.

Jordan McLinn joined Trump onstage, sitting in a wheelchair. Trump told the young boy that he “looked like that, I would have been president ten years earlier.” Trump continued, saying, “If I had that face. If I had that head of hair, I would have been president so long ago. That’s great.”

McLinn eventually joined Trump onstage for the bill signing and cautiously got out of his wheelchair and stood next to Trump. McLinn began to mimic Trump and stood next to him. Trump then gave McLinn a bear hug, to the applause of the audience.

Screenshot/Youtube/White House

Screenshot/Youtube/White House