Howard Stern: Trump Invited Me To ‘Speak At Republican Convention’

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Howard Stern revealed Thursday that during the 2016 presidential election Donald Trump asked him to speak at the Republican National Convention.

“It was a very awkward kind of thing, because Donald [Trump] asked me to speak at the Republican convention,” the SiriusXM host shared with David Letterman in “Netflix’s “My Next Guest Needs no Introduction,” according to the Hill. (RELATED: Howard Stern To Trump: ‘Get The F–k Out,’ Let Pence Take Over) 

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“I was put in a very awkward position of having to say publicly and to him, ‘I’m a Hillary Clinton supporter — always have been,'” he added. “I was honest with Donald. I said, ‘Donald, you know you also supported Hillary.'”

Stern also explained that despite turning down the offer, Trump — who he called a “great guest” from his many appearances on his radio show over the years — would often call the former disc jockey from the campaign trail during the election to talk about how he was doing.

“He would call me from the campaign trail very often and say, ‘Hey, you watching,'” Stern shared. “I was tickled by this, because I really kind of felt deep in my heart that this campaign was really more about selling a book, or selling a brand.”

“I do consider Donald a friend,” he added. “But my politics are different.”

In the past, Stern has said that he believed Trump never wanted to win the election and has urged him to give it all up and let Vice President Mike Pence take over.

“My advice would be, like, get the f–out of there, man. Why do you need that for? Go back to Mar-a-Lago and hang,” the radio host said. “Just give it over to Pence — let him do his thing.”