Jim Acosta Names The One Thing He Likes About Trump. It’s Unsurprising.

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta said Tuesday that the one thing he likes about the Trump presidency is that it is “good for news.”


Trump supporter Greg Aselbekian posted a video to his Facebook of him with Acosta at Trump’s rally in Nashville, Tennessee on Tuesday night.

Aselbekian asked Acosta to name just one thing he likes about the Trump presidency. (RELATED: Secret Service Agent Doesn’t Recognize CNN’s Jim Acosta, Hilarity Ensues)

“I’m here with Jim Acosta from CNN. I’m just wondering Jim — can you name one thing you like — truly like — about the Trump presidency?” Aselbekian asked.

“The Trump presidency…hey, it’s good for news!” Acosta responded with a smirk. (RELATED: Acosta Sanctimoniously Rants Against The President, Kim Kardashian)

Aselbekian told The Daily Caller that he wasn’t surprised by Acosta’s response and thinks it proves CNN uses the president for the network’s ratings.

“I believe he revealed the truth – that the constant bashing of Trump is just for news and their ratings,” Aselbekian said. “It’s truly sad!”

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