‘The View’ Hosts Demand List Of Apologies From President Trump

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Several of the women on ABC’s “The View” Thursday laid out a list of things they would like to see President Donald Trump apologize for. They were responding to Trump’s tweet about Roseanne Barr, in which he suggested that the network that fired her might owe him an apology.

Whoopi Goldberg kicked off the conversation by saying that she would be more comfortable with him demanding apologies from others if he would first set the example by making some apologies of his own.

She explained, “I would like to just start by saying, you know, I think more people would not mind apologizing to someone who apologized, but this is a person who doesn’t apologize to anybody for anything. So, I sort of feel like you can apologize to the Khan family. You can apologize for the things you said about lots of different races and people.”

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Sunny Hostin jumped in, complaining that he was using his own demand for an apology to distract from the real issue at hand — the racist tweet that got Roseanne into trouble in the first place.

“It’s interesting that he made this about him because this has always been about the fact that Roseanne Barr tweeted out an abhorrent, deplorable statement about a black woman, you know, sort of comparing her to an ape, which is an age-old racist trope meant to dehumanize and, you know, make people like myself that look like myself, feel bad about themselves. And that’s what he should have been talking about.”

Hostin went on to deliver a list of those she felt were more deserving of apologies than the president, saying, “If he is looking for an apology, I would like him to apologize for what he said about Haiti. I would like for him to apologize for calling Haiti an ‘s-hole country.'”

She continued, “That is the country of origin of my husband and my children. I would like him to apologize for the lackluster, despicable response for Puerto Rico that led to the deaths of over 4,500 people. I would like him to apologize that he threw toilet paper and paper towels out to Puerto Rico when they were suffering. I want those apologies, and I think until he leads by example. He doesn’t deserve apologies.”