‘View’ Co-Hosts Blast ‘Despicable’ Kim Kardashian-Trump New York Post Cover [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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“The View” cohosts blasted the “despicable” New York Post cover featuring Kim Kardashian and President Donald Trump after their meeting in the Oval Office about prison reform.

The comments came Thursday during a panel discussion about the reality star’s meeting with the president to discuss a pardon for Alice Marie Johnson, who is currently serving a life sentence for a first-time, non-violent drug offense. After the meeting, the cover of the Post read, “The Other Big Ass Summit: Kim Thong Un Pitches Prez On Prison Reform” and “Trump Meets Rump.”

“For the New York Post saying this stuff about Kim [Kardashian], I thought that was despicable,” Sunny Hostin exclaimed. “The bottom line is, however, she got her platform. She using the platform for good.”

Sarah Hines then interjected, “She said she found the story because she was on Twitter and she scrolled past it and she said, ‘I knew it was meant to be that I saw that story,’ because it touched her in a way that she reached out and she said, ‘At this point many my life, I’m not just into going out and spending money on things. The idea to save a life is what moves me.'”

“And if Kim Kardashian is the one to bring this to this president, who, by the way, I don’t think [gave her] the result that she wanted. He didn’t do anything yet, but if she does, good,” Hostin added.

Megan McCain then shared her thoughts on the subject, saying she was “giving props to the Trump administration about their work on this, and we should let women evolve. Kim Kardashian has three kids, she was held at gunpoint, she is a lot older now. She is married to a guy that is going through some issues right now. And nothing will make you look at your life in a more serious way. Give her a break.”

McCain then added, “She is trying. Everybody has to start someplace, and it’s so misogynistic. I did a lot of stuff in my 20s and I remember one time I sent an Instagram or tweet out at the time. It was talked about in this show, that’s how racy it was and I regret it to this day. But you learn from your mistakes you made in your 20s. Let her be in the zone.”