Don Jr. Nails The Economy Under Trump In Just One Snap [PHOTOS]

REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Donald Trump Jr. put to rest any doubt that the economy under President Donald Trump is putting people back to work.

“Just sayin… Jobs Jobs Jobs #economy #job #manufacturing #maga,” Trump Jr. captioned his post on Instagram Friday, along with a 2018 graphic from Bloomberg Finance showing a sharp increase of jobs in the U.S. manufacturing sector since Trump was elected.

He also had a few choice words for critics of the administration and asked if these trends would be happening if House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi or the Democrats were in charge.

“Unemployment down to 3.8% after U.S. beats jobs expectations. The economy & job #s keep getting better. Haters gonna hate but no one can question that @realDonaldTrump’s policies are working. Think these trends would continue if Nancy Pelosi was in charge,” Trump tweeted, along with a link to a report that the “US added 223,000 jobs in May.”

“Black unemployment under 6% for the first time in history! Democrats, tell me again why anyone should vote for you and your economic policies ever again,” he added. “Hate and BS isn’t a platform & will only get you so far. These numbers matter and benefit all Americans. #maga.”