Michael Ian Black Sides With Samantha Bee, Undermines His Own Message

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Actor Michael Ian Black clearly did not have a problem with Samantha Bee’s vulgar attack on first daughter Ivanka Trump. He tweeted Thursday, “we are all c**ts today.”

But Black himself has had a volatile relationship with that particular word. In 2016, he included it in a list of ethnic, racist, and sexist slurs that people should avoid calling each other.

However, Black failed to take his own advice on a number of occasions. In just the past year, he has used it several times to attack people who disagreed with him over whether or not the National Rifle Association (NRA) is a terrorist organization (he believes it is).

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Just days before using the term with abandon against someone who disagreed on gun control, Black had apologized for once using it against former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

He had gone after Palin in 2010 because she had publicly criticized then President Barack Obama.

Black has used the word in a total of 37 tweets, many directed at people with whom he disagrees politically.