US Military Says Strikes Against ISIS Up 123% In May

Joseph Lafave Contributor
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U.S. and coalition forces in Iraq and Syria have conducted 123 percent more strikes in May as compared to April. The increase in strikes is due primarily to Operation Roundup, the Syrian Defense Forces (SDF) new offensive to push the remnants of ISIS out of Syria.

“Daesh morale is sinking on the frontlines as privileged Daesh leaders increasingly abandon their own fighters on the battlefield, taking resources with them as they flee,” Central Command (CENTCOM) officials said Friday in a press release.

The strikes in Iraq and Syria are in direct support of SDF troops and against strategic ISIS targets throughout the Levant.

Among targets destroyed have been ISIS controlled buildings, vehicles, tactical units, command and control centers, and fighting positions. An ISIS logistics hub was also bombed this week.

“Over the coming weeks, Operation Roundup will continue to build momentum against Daesh remnants remaining in the Iraq-Syria border region and the MERV,” CENTCOM officials said. “The Coalition remains committed to the lasting defeat of Daesh here, increasing peace and stability in the region and protecting all our homelands from the Daesh threat.”

U.S. forces have also been working closely with Iraqi units to hunt down ISIS fighters in Iraq.