‘View’ Pivots From Comparison Of Samantha Bee And Roseanne To Trump [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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“The View” hosts turned a Friday debate about Samantha Bee and Roseanne Barr’s comments into attacking President Donald Trump.

The comments came during a discussion of whether the TBS’s hosts “feckless c**t” comment about Ivanka Trump was as “bad as Roseanne’s [racist] tweet.”

Sara Haines said that “you have to separate out racism” and that she just “didn’t think [Bee’s’] was funny. ”

“It wasn’t funny,” Paula Farris responded. “But what makes this particularly egregious, if you think about it, this was scripted, it was pre-produced,  it was produced, it was in the can, it was approved by the network and then it was broadcast. The network then used their platform to allow her to broadcast. I think there has to be some consequences.”

“Look the network has apologized for it. You know, Samantha Bee has apologized for it,” Sunny Hostin interjected. “My issue is, we’re talking now about Samantha Bee, but we’re not talking about Roseanne’s racist comments about Valerie Jarrett and this president has yet to come out and condemn those comments.”

“He comes out against Colin Kaepernick, he comes out against Starbucks because they banned the Christmas cup,” she added. “It seems to me that he wants to talk to about everything but the actual racism that’s going on in our country with African-American men. He doesn’t care about African-Americans in this country, that’s the problem.”

“He absolutely don’t care. Everybody can see that it is different, but this plays into his narrative of wanting to get rid of a foe,” Ana Navarro added. “Trump likes people who like him, who suck up to him, and support him like Roseanne. He does not like people who confront him, and criticize him like Sam Bee.”

“Shouldn’t there be consequences? Does that mean you can say anything,” Farris asked. “‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry’ and there should be no consequences?”

“The consequences are that the advertisers pulled out and that’s the threat to the show,” Behar responded.