Racist Hacks Buffalo Wild Wings Twitter Account — Somehow Trump Gets Blamed

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The Buffalo Wild Wings Twitter account was hacked on Friday afternoon, and for a time the tweets coming from the restaurant had little to do with tasty chicken wings.

The hack naturally set Twitter abuzz with speculation.

Someone even blamed President Trump for the tweet. (RELATED: Erdogan Supporters Hack Brit Hume’s Twitter Account)

“Buffalo Wild Wings probably got hacked,” tweeted Dr. Eugene Gu. “But that’s not the story here. The real story is that the racist tweets went massively viral before they got deleted. This showcases the same type of crude trolling power Trump leverages when he makes outrageous statements for his own gain.”

Dr. Gu’s tweet provoked plenty of reaction from the other side.

Thankfully, all was well when the restaurant finally gained back control of their account.

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