Canadian Taxpayers Paid $100,000 A Day For Trudeau’s Skating Rink

REUTERS/Chris Wattie

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s $8.2 million (CAD) skating rink on Parliament Hill reportedly cost taxpayers $100,000 a day to operate, according to documents obtained by the Globe and Mail.

The “free” skating rink was opened just before Christmas 2017 and eventually closed on Feb. 25, 2018. The rink was used by a maximum of 150,000 people over its short tenure, which works out to $53 a person or $100,000 per day in operation costs, according to the Globe and Mail.

The rink was Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s gift to the city of Ottawa in honor of the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation. However, like any government gift, the rink came with a long list of  regulations, banning such intrinsic Canadian winter activities as playing hockey or speed and figure skating.

The rink was only supposed to be open until mid-January but after Canadian media began reporting on one of the most expensive skating rinks in the world, Trudeau agreed that the facility should be available until Feb. 25.

The Trudeau government has been acquiescent in supplying the number of people who have used the rink but not quite so willing to talk about the cost. The Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation (CTF) arrived at the $8.2 million figure after a comprehensive examination of government expenditures.

Despite the expenses, the rink is being closed — although the Trudeau government has promised that the the materials will be given to a ”vulnerable” group in Ottawa.

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