CNN Refuses To Defend Wolf Blitzer From Joy Reid’s Anti-Semitic Attacks In Old Blog Post

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN has a message for Joy Reid’s anti-Semitic attacks on Wolf Blitzer’s reputation and integrity as a journalist — silence.

A number of requests for comment sent to CNN’s communications team from The Daily Caller went completely unanswered.

On Reid’s old blog, “The Reid Report,” she wrote a 2006 article titled “Blitzer’s bias” that criticized CNN host Blitzer for being too soft on Israel. She also accused Blitzer, a Jewish journalist, of wearing a “flak jacket” for AIPAC.

Blitzer used to work for the pro-Israel organization.

The post reads in part:

“With the Israeli ambassador, Blitzer was solicitous, even posing the incredible question of ‘what can we do’ about the deteriorating situation. We??? Would that be we Israelis or we in the United States, Wolf? Mr. Blitzer, a former flak for the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) — though you’d never know it from his CNN bio — has consistently carried on that job in another form in his capacity as CNN host. He doesn’t even try to hide his affinity for his Israeli guests, or his partisanship for their cause, while turning instantly to prosecutorial mode when questioning any guest who has the dumb luck to be an Arab or Muslim in King Blitzer’s court.”

She also wrote, “At this stage, should not CNN disclose to its viewers Blitzer’s background as a stenographer for the powerful lobbying group that holds the whip hand over Republican and Dmeocratic members of Congress alike, and whose role in a certain series of Iran-related spying cases raises troubling questions about whether foreign agents are operating inside the United States, with the purpose of screening American foreign policy in the Middle East for the government in Tel Aviv? (Or twisting it on Israel’s behalf…)”

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