Sarah Sanders Tells CNN’s April Ryan She Made The ‘Wrong Assumption’

Fox News

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told CNN analyst April Ryan on Monday that the reporter made the “wrong assumption” about the president’s views on the Russia probe.


During Monday’s press briefing, a number of reporters asked about President Trump’s assertion that he can pardon himself of any crimes. Ryan picked up on the thread and wondered if that meant Trump “assume[s] that the special counsel will find him guilty of something.” (RELATED: Trump: I CAN PARDON MYSELF)

“No, because he hasn’t done anything wrong,” Sanders replied.

“But he said that in his tweet that he could pardon himself,” Ryan shot back. “It seems to be the assumption that Mueller will find him wrong for something and, if so, what would it be?”

“It seems like it would be completely wrong assumption,” Sanders declared. “The president hasn’t done anything wrong. I’m not sure how else I could answer that question.”

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