Meghan McCain Says Eagles Are Missing An Opportunity to ‘Bring Us Together’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain voiced her disappointment on Tuesday that the Philadelphia Eagles had effectively given up an opportunity to bring people together when many of them opted to bow out of the scheduled White House visit.

Only a few members of the team were willing to attend the event, which was ultimately canceled by President Donald Trump.

McCain spoke up on Tuesday morning’s episode of ABC’s “The View,” arguing that the Eagles could have opted instead to recognize the White House as bigger than President Trump, the man who happens to occupy it.

“I think when you get invited to the White House you should go, period. I think the White House and the presidency is bigger than one man. I don’t like how political sports has gotten. We’ve talked about that many times on the show. There are times people have asked me to do things and take phone calls. I remember being in different times with people who I politically have vastly different perspectives on the world. I know it’s a different time but I do think sports should bring us together and I think when you’re invited to the white House, I don’t care who you are, it’s an incredible experience and I wish we could table it and just come together in one way or another.”

McCain also recently came out in support of the NFL’s new national anthem policy, which calls for all players on the field to stand while the anthem plays. It does allow for those who wish to protest to remain in the locker room until the completion of the anthem.

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Pointing out that the intent of the protest was to start a dialogue, McCain said that refusing to come to the table would do nothing to advance the conversation.
She said, “I think you can go like Kim Kardashian did, I’ll give her credit, and maybe use that moment to say this is why I kneel, this is why I don’t. To start and have a conversation. But I think we’re just going into our different tribal directions and getting absolutely nowhere.”