CNN’s Van Jones: Black People Have Sacrificed More For The Constitution Than ‘Most People’

Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN commentator Van Jones said Tuesday that black Americans “have sacrificed more for that Constitution than most people.”


“Listen, there is a level of patronizing… from this White House and from others, that somehow African-Americans are ungrateful,” Jones stated. “That we somehow don’t know what this country is about. We have fought in every war. We have sacrificed more for that Constitution than most people.”

“And if this man Colin Kaepernick can’t kneel because a veteran, you’re talking about veterans, it was a veteran who told him to kneel. He was just sitting on his butt, and the veteran said that was wrong, and Colin Kaepernick learned, and Colin Kaepernick tried to grow, and Colin Kaepernick tried to do what they told him to do and he still doesn’t have a job and it’s wrong! And if you can’t say it’s wrong, then there’s something wrong with you!” (RELATED: CNN’s Van Jones GUSHES Over Obama: ‘I Love That Guy. I Love Him! I Love Him!’)

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