WATCH: MSNBC Debate Over California Primaries Gets Heated

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Two MSNBC guests got into a heated debate Wednesday over the California primaries after Tuesday’s elections throughout the state.


Democratic strategist Bob Shrum and California Republican National Committeeman Shawn Steele got into a tense argument over poverty in Los Angeles, stemming from the overarching question of what the Trump effect looks like in California.

Steele said the Trump effect a year ago was “not very good,” but that “things have changed” and tried to discuss the president’s affect in certain places such as Orange County before getting into an argument with Shrum.

“Los Angeles, which is a now a third-world kind of a poverty-stricken area,” Steele began, before he was interrupted by Shrum, who called him “crazy.”

Steele referenced the poverty rate in Los Angeles, which Shrum attributed to the cost of living in the area.

Eventually the argument got the best of Shrum, who told Steele to “just shut up.”

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