Dem Rep Warns Party To Stay Away From Impeachment


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Democratic Rep. Gerry Connolly warned his party on Wednesday that if they run too hard on impeaching President Trump it will cost them elections.


CNN anchor Poppy Harlow noted that Connolly is an avid Trump critic but wondered if he thinks parroting impeachment is a step too far.

“Do you think that your fellow Democrats should be wary heading into the midterms of running too much on impeachment?” Harlow asked during a Wednesday morning interview.

“Absolutely. I believe that voting for a Democrat should not be seen as tantamount to a vote for impeachment. In fact, if it is, then I think we’re gonna lose elections we otherwise might win,” Connolly said.

“Even Trump voters agree in many cases that this president needs adult supervision, and that means Democrats,” he added. “And they’re willing to vote for Democrats or at least entertain voting for Democrats so long as we separate ourselves from the ‘I’ word.”

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