Eagles Safety Holds Up ‘YOU AREN’T LISTENING’ Poster In Silent Locker Room Interview

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins delivered a message during a locker room press conference Wednesday afternoon, but he didn’t speak a single word. Reporters peppered him with questions, but Jenkins remained silent and simply held up a series of posters.

He began with a sign that said only three words, in all capital letters: “YOU AREN’T LISTENING.”

With the other posters, Jenkins drew attention to racial disparities in the justice system. One read, “More than 60 percent of people in prison are people of color,” and another referenced the “school to prison pipeline.” (RELATED: Meghan McCain Says Eagles Are Missing An Opportunity to ‘Bring Us Together’)

When reporters continued to hold out their microphones, asking whether Jenkins was going to speak or “just use these,” Jenkins cracked a smile and pulled out the “you’re not listening” sign again.

All but ignoring the message the signs presented, the reporters continued to ask questions. Most attempted to bait him into commenting on the White House’s decision to disinvite the team to Tuesday’s reception. Jenkins held his tongue.

Over the course of about two minutes, Jenkins held up eight signs and said nothing.

He also shared all of the signs on Twitter.