McDonald’s To Have Digital Kiosks In Every Store By 2020

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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America’s largest food chain, McDonald’s, plans to have self-order digital kiosks in every store by 2020.

The modernization announcement was made by McDonald’s in an attempt to increase customer satisfaction and remain competitive in the fast-food market.

A McDonald’s spokesperson told BuzzFeed that their locations will “still have cashiers — kiosks provide another option for customers to order and pay. We’re finding with kiosks, customers tend to feel less rushed, take their time, browse the menu, and often order more.”

The rollout will be incremental over the next two years, with a goal of half the McDonald’s locations in America having digital kiosks by 2018 and complete offerings in every store by 2020.

The announcement can also be seen as a direct reflection of minimum wage hikes around the country. In places like Seattle and San Fransisco, the minimum wage is $14.00 and above, making the margins on a service franchise untenable.

BuzzFeed reports that the ballooning labor costs are already being felt by McDonald’s bottom line, citing McDonald’s payroll and employee benefits were up to 30.2 percent of sales, a sharp increase from 2017.

The national “Fight For $15” has been embraced by prominent Democrats, such as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.