Rudy Giuliani Says First Lady ‘Believes Her Husband,’ Not Stormy Daniels

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Donald Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani said Melania Trump believes her husband over allegations that he had an affair with porn star Stormy Daniels in 2006.

“She believes her husband and she doesn’t think it’s true,” Giuliani said on Wednesday at the “Globes” Capital Market Conference in Israel, according to The Hill.

Daniels has alleged that she had an affair with Trump in 2006, after he and Melanie had been married for about a year, and is looking to undo a $130,000 nondisclosure agreement she signed with Trump attorney Michael Cohen before the 2016 presidential election.

While Daniels is also suing President Trump and Cohen for defamation for denying the allegations, CNN legal analyst Joey Jackson contended in April that there was a “0.0 percent chance” of the case proceeding. (RELATED: CNN Analyst: Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Has ‘No Merit Whatsoever’)

“Wolf, there’s a 0.0 percent chance of this case moving forward, let’s talk about why. When you talk about defamation, you’re speaking about a false factual assertion that impugns reputation,” said Jackson. “How is her reputation impugned? Are people really saying, because of Trump’s tweet, she’s a liar, she’s subject to scorn, to ridicule, to shame, oh, my goodness! Really, Stormy Daniels?”

While stating he didn’t believe Stormy Daniels’ story, the moderator interrupted Giuliani by saying, “on this stage, we respect women,” The Hill reported.

“I respect women — beautiful women and women with value — but a woman who sells her body for sexual exploitation I don’t respect,” said the former New York City mayor. “Tell me what damage she suffered. Someone who sells his or her body for money has no good name.”

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