‘The View’: It’s Trump’s Fault That People Are Mean To Melania

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Several of the cohosts on ABC’s “The View” claimed that if the media was mean to First Lady Melania Trump over her health, it would be President Donald Trump’s fault for “coarsening the dialogue.” They fired shots at the White House following the president’s tweet claiming that all of the conspiracy theories about what had happened to Melania were “fake.”

Meghan McCain noted that, at least on “The View,” the conspiracy theories had been kept to a minimum and everyone had been very respectful of the first lady — but she called out Atlantic editor-in-chief David Frum, who had theorized that the president could have beaten Melania and then covered it up.

“So there has been rhetoric on the other side about her that’s been very incendiary. So his response, while I think juvenile, I understand his commitment to defending his wife.”

But then Whoopi Goldberg jumped in, asking whether Frum was simply “taking a page from the book” that Trump himself opened when he said things like “I could get in the middle of the street and shoot somebody.”

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Sunny Hostin backed her up, quoting MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough on the reasons he was no longer a Republican. She said, “I think he gave his reasons for it, and part of it is this sort of coarsening of the party under Trump’s leadership, and this coarsening of our dialogue.”

Hostin added her own opinion as well, saying that she agreed with Scarborough’s assessment. She explained, “I really think that Donald Trump has coarsened the dialogue in our country so much that he is singularly responsible for the tenor that we are seeing today. I think people think they can say things like that because he has devolved our society so much.”

Sara Haines tempered the conversation by saying that whatever Trump may have started, the people making the comments are still ultimately responsible for the words coming out of their mouths. She said, “If he caused me to be the ugliest version of myself, I could point my finger and say he started it, but I have to sleep at night with my actions.”