Bernie Gets Confronted By CNN On Why His Candidates Are Losing

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders faced a tough line of questioning on CNN Thursday about why his candidates haven’t been winning.


“Your candidates are not doing great though, across the country. What did you get wrong?” CNN host Chris Cuomo asked.

“Not–not true,” Sanders shot back. “Look, Chris. Do you think that–you know a little bit about politics. Do you think in a year or two, suddenly we’re gonna transform the entire Democratic Party, take on big money, take on the establishment? The truth of the matter is what we have been focusing on is grassroots activism and that is doing extremely well.”

“Why aren’t the candidates winning more?” Cuomo asked.

“Oh, my God, they’re winning all over the country,” Sanders shot back.

“But, you had a lot of guys lose too. I don’t even think you’re at 500,” Cuomo said.

“Chris, that is, in all due respect, not an intelligent way to look at it. I can be at 100 percent if I keep–if I supported candidates who had all the money and the power and all the polling,” Sanders said. “We are trying to support candidates who are fighting for working people, and by the way, where we are winning hands down is that our progressive agenda which is as you will remember was considered to be fringe and extreme, that’s kind of mainstream America now.” (RELATED: Bernie Sanders Compares ‘Climate Change’ To An ‘Asteroid Hitting The Earth’)

It got even funnier when Cuomo said that the word “socialism” can mean the end of capitalism, which Sanders did not like at all.


Bernie also repeated Obama’s infamous promise that a new health care plan wouldn’t mean a new doctor, something which Cuomo called him out on. (RELATED: Bernie Sanders Gets Angry About The NRA, Shouts At Chuck Todd)

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