Bernie Sanders Slams DNC Chair Over Cuomo Endorsement


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Senator Bernie Sanders said Wednesday it’s “absolutely” a mistake for DNC chairman Tom Perez to endorse New York governor Andrew Cuomo.


“To endorse one candidate over the other is not what the chair of the DNC should be doing,” Sanders told The Washington Post’s James Hohmann on Wednesday.

Sanders believes progressive candidates are equally deserving of a fair shake heading into 2020 primaries.

Two-term incumbent Cuomo is battling actress and political outsider Cynthia Nixon who launched her campaign in March.

An Independent caucusing with Democrats, Sanders also took a jab at the Democratic Party as a whole, including its superdelegate system. “You had superdelegates voting for [Hillary Clinton] in states that I won pretty handsomely,” he said. “I think there is a widespread understanding that’s just not right.” Sanders directed the Democratic party to “open the doors.” “Welcome working people. Welcome young people in. Welcome idealism in.”

“There is massive discontent with the political system,” he said.

The Vermont senator noted that both moderate and progressive Democrats have already begun cooperating through a unity reform committee to reduce superdelegates by at least 70 percent. But as to whether or not that will work — “Well we will see. Pay attention to that.”