Clapper Wants The Government To Regulate Social Media

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Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told radio host Hugh Hewitt Thursday that he wants the government to regulate social media.


“I’m specifically speaking of the social media platforms, which right now actually have virtually no regulation,”  Clapper said.

Clapper added there should be some type of social media regulation, “something akin to the Federal Communications Commission.”

“And as we’ve seen, although they’d like to just regulate themselves, I believe they need oversight and regulation from the government,” Clapper continued regarding social media platforms.

The former Director of National Intelligence added, “Increasingly, intelligence and law enforcement, even more compellingly I think, are going dark mode,” and discussed certain felony cases where the FBI could not crack phones to find information.

“I’m a believer in some form of key encryption, or key escrow where the key or encryption system would be split between three or more entities which would be completely independent and would have to be united to open a phone under an appropriate court order or some form of that,” Clapper said.

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