Some Crazy, Dumb Gay People Don’t Want Cops Protecting Pride Parades Now

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Sophia Narwitz Freelance writer
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There is no longer any reason to be proud of the gay community. Previously known for its inclusivity and acceptance of anyone who waved the rainbow flag, the movement has exploded in a fiery blast of glitter and hate. The result is a smoldering crater of ironic bigotry.

Last weekend marked the start of Pride, and with it came a disgusting slew of moldy debate as to who is — and isn’t — welcome at Pride events throughout the month. One very uncivil casualty of this discord is the men and women who risk their lives daily to keep the people of this country safe.

I am, of course, talking about the police.

Due to the infiltration of groups like “Black Lives Matter,” law enforcement nationwide has been villainized by the gay community.

It doesn’t matter that countless cops are on the LGBT spectrum themselves, or that many police look forward to marching in Pride parades to show a commitment to keeping marginalized people safe. All that matters is that the police have become enemies in the eyes of the mainstream left, and so their presence is no longer welcome.

As a massive flaming faggot myself, this new reality makes me uncomfortable. To start, Pride is a massive conglomeration of thousands upon thousands of people. And less than a year removed from the Las Vegas shooting, and just a couple years from the shooting at Pulse nightclub, I want trained law enforcement at any massive gathering. Even on a small scale, police officers provide safety and comfort.

Last year when a drunk driver ran over and injured two pedestrians near a Pride event in Hollywood, who was immediately on the scene to aid those that had been injured? The police. That’s who.

The saddest aspect of this entire debate is that Pride is more than just an event for gay people. It is a union of LGBT folk and their allies. It is not meant to be an exclusive ordeal. And allies can take many forms — be it police, military veterans or even far-right evangelical congressmen.

By and large, gay people are accepted in this country, and while hate still has a presence in some areas, most people who were historically against such people have come around and now understand that it’s a valid sexuality that isn’t based on choice.

But that acceptance has a limit. And the mainstream leftist gay community risks ruining the mostly positive perception of the public at large. When tribalistic queers start telling straight people they’re not welcome in the festivities, the reaction will be a defensive one, and they’ll start to look down on gay people from the walls they have constructed.

The biggest threats to LGBT acceptance are other gay people.

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