Who Would You Rather Date: A Vegas Knights Fan Or A Trump Supporter?

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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The Washington Capitals are going all-in this year for the Stanley Cup playoffs, and The Daily Caller had one question for Caps fans: Would you rather date a Vegas Knights fan or a Trump supporter?


The Daily Caller’s Julia Nista hit the streets outside of Game 4 of the Stanley Cup playoffs to find out if Caps fans were as loyal to their team as they claim to be.

Surprisingly, the answers were diverse, and Trump supporters won over Vegas Knights fans by the slimmest of margins.

Many Caps fans were torn on the question of whether they’d date a Trump supporter or a Vegas Knights fan. Some fans said dating a Trump supporter wouldn’t be that bad, “but he’s not allowed to talk.” Some fans were currently dating and even married to Trump supporters.

Others said they didn’t want to date a Trump supporter even if their significant other was a fan of an opposing team, saying, “We’ll butt heads for that week and watch us raise the cup.”

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