DOJ Puts Philly Mayor On Blast After He Does This Over Sanctuary City Ruling [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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The Department of Justice was not thrilled with Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s reaction to the ruling that his city can continue operating as a so-called sanctuary city.

“Yesterday, the Mayor of the City of Philadelphia danced in jubilation over a court ruling that will allow him to continue to protect known and suspected criminal aliens in the City’s custody. These are individuals who have victimized the residents of the City he has sworn to protect,” DOJ spokesperson Devin O’Malley told The Daily Caller Thursday.

“These are individuals like the violent criminal alien who was arrested in Philadelphia last year for forcing his girlfriend into a hot oven but was never turned over to immigration authorities,” O’Malley added. “The video is a sad and disturbing reminder that politicians like Mayor Kenney prioritize political gain over the law-abiding residents of their own cities and the safety of the law enforcement officers that try to protect them. The Department of Justice will continue to fight for the rule of law, and for the law abiding citizens of Philadelphia who fear victimization and reject the notion of protecting criminals.”

In the video, we see Kenney shaking his hips and dancing around before giving a high-five to his chief of staff Jane Slusser over the decision.

“This is an important moment for all Philadelphians, especially our immigrant community,” the mayor’s statement about the ruling read. “Judge Baylson’s ruling is a total and complete victory for the City. It prevents a White House run by a bully from bullying Philadelphia into changing its policies. It is a ruling that should make clear to Attorney General Sessions that federal grant dollars cannot be used for a political shakedown.  It is, most of all, a ruling that reminds everyone of why this City and this country exist– to give safe haven, and hope, to those who flee tyranny, oppression and poverty in other parts of the world–to be a welcoming nation.”