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Never Miss A Charge Again With This Rugged Chainmail Charging Cable

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Ever been without your phone when you needed it the most — whether that’s missing a business call or that left turn a couple of blocks back — because your charging cable ripped and left you hanging? It’s time to consider something more durable that helps you power up every time, anywhere. With a Shield Charging Cable, get a charging cable made from stainless steel chainmail so you’ll never miss a charge again.

Normally $35, this charging cable is 28 percent off

Normally $35, this charging cable is 28 percent off

Shield Charging Cable on sale for $24.99

This rugged charging cable gives you both the flexibility and strength you need for charging wherever life takes you. You’ll get over 10,000 stainless steel chainmail links to protect each electron as they flow to your device without sacrificing the flexibility of an ordinary charging cable. Meaning, you’ll have a lightweight and durable charging cable that you can take anywhere with complete peace of mind knowing it’ll work no matter what. Plus, you’ll improve your badass game wherever you use it — everywhere from the office to out in nature — since it’s made with the modern version of the same stuff medieval knights used to protect themselves in battle.

Even better, this powerful charging cable — voted best of CES 2018 by iPhone Life — works with all your favorite Apple products. It’s one meter long, MFi-Certified, and backed by a Manufacture Limited Lifetime Warranty, so you know you’re getting a high-quality accessory with this one.

Never miss a charge again with a Shield Charging Cable for $24.99 in The Daily Caller Shop. That’s 28% off the original price of $34.95.

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