7 ISIS Terrorists Killed In Failed Suicide Bombing

Joseph Lafave | Contributor

Forces belonging to the Maghawir al-Thawra (MaT), a U.S. and coalition backed Syrian militia group, engaged and killed seven ISIS terrorists earlier this week while manning a security checkpoint near At Tanf, which U.S. military commanders say is “within the 55 km southern Syria de-confliction zone.”

According to officials from the U.S. military’s Central Command (CENTCOM), on June 4, a vehicle attempted to bypass the checkpoint. When it was stopped by MaT personnel, seven fighters jumped out of the car and began attacking. One of the fighters detonated an explosive vest.

During the firefight, all seven of the fighters, later identified as members of ISIS, were killed by MaT forces. CENTCOM officials state that there were “no Coalition or partner casualties.”

CENTCOM officials state that the MaT and other similar coalition partners routinely conduct patrols and establish security checkpoints to deny ISIS “safe havens.”

“This is another example of the dedication and hard work by our partners to defeat the remaining Daesh threat in southern Syria,” Maj. Gen. Felix Gedney, deputy commander for strategy and support for Operation Inherent Resolve, said via a press release.

This latest victory coincides with several other operations taking place as part of Operation Roundup, the coalition’s new offensive to drive ISIS out of Syria and Iraq permanently.

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