DeVos Truth-Smacks Education Reporter: Parents Choose Charters Because They Work

Dominic Mancini | Reporter

Philanthropist Dick DeVos smacks down a Vice reporter over the benefits of charter schools and competition in education during an interview set to air Friday.


“Why are parents choosing charters? Nobody’s forcing them to go to a charter school,” DeVos explained during an interview with Vice correspondent Gianna Toboni. The reporter suggested school choice leads to school closures.

“If parents weren’t choosing charters, charters wouldn’t exist,” DeVos said. “Parents are choosing these alternatives because apparently they think they’re better for their children.”

“The nature of competition though, is, not everyone wins,” Toboni interjected.

But DeVos countered, stating that competition in education means every student has the chance to win. “Children are getting a better education as a consequence of new options, and new choices, and new possibilities,” DeVos said. “That is wining.”

The interview is part of a 14-minute HBO documentary where Toboni speaks with Detroit, Michigan high schoolers about the lack of funding for traditional public schools, according to Chalkbeat. Toboni claims Detroit students would be offended over DeVos’ pro-charter comments.

DeVos is married to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. The duo founded an aviation-based charter high school in Michigan.

Secretary DeVos was previously the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. She also served on executive boards for the Alliance for School Choice, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, the American Federation for Children and Kids Hope USA.

The documentary, “No Choice But To Choose,” airs Friday at 7:30 PM.

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