Elizabeth Warren Says She Is Not Running For President

REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Mike Brest Reporter
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Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren revealed that she will not be running for president come 2020 in an interview with Intercept.

“I am not running for president,” Warren said three different times during the interview that was released on Friday.

On Mehid Hasan’s podcast, Warren stated, “We’ve got to stay focused” on the 2018 midterm election as the Democrats try to win back the majority in the House and Senate.

Warren has been a hot name thrown around as a potential Democratic nominee to go up against President Trump in 2020. Warren’s decision not to run could add even more turmoil to the Democratic Party, seeing as they do not have a clear nominee.

On the podcast, Warren also directly contradicted the president’s belief that he has the ability to pardon himself, specifically in regards to the Russia investigation. (RELATED: Trump: I CAN PARDON MYSELF)

She later added, “He does not have the power to pardon himself. I’ve read the Constitution. We had a chance to create a king; we decided not to create a king.”