Modern Version Of Infamous Kama Sutra Is Now Available [VIDEO]

Gabrielle Okun | Reporter

A modern version of the infamous sex book known as the Kama Sutra is now available for sale, according to the Daily Mail Friday.

The 2018 edition of the 2,000-year-old “Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana” is the first “female-centric perspective” of the ancient manuscript, the Daily Mail reported. The racy books are being sold through The Folio Society with a limited edition of only 750 available for a whopping $595. The Los Angeles-based artist Victo Ngai illustrated the limited edition books and hoped to offer a more feminist perspective to the manuscript. (RELATED: Germany Wants To Create Government-Funded Feminist Pornography)

The word kama is one of the four Hindu virtues meaning love, pleasure, and sexual gratification, according to the Independent. However, previous versions of the Kama Sutra focused mainly on male sexual pleasure. Ngai wanted to change the narrative. (RELATED: Provocative Sex Toy Ads To Appear On NYC Subway)

“I believe I did subconsciously worked from a female-centric perspective,” she told the Daily Mail. “For example, many of the scenes are composed in a way that situates the viewers in the women’s point of view, while the writing often reflects the patriarchal attitude of its time.” (RELATED: Remember NYC’s Penis Mural? Well, One Just Appeared In Stockholm)

“It’s just the craziest collection of things you need to do,” said Christine Grant, The Folio Society’s marketing manager, told the Independent. (RELATED: Wild Safe Sex Ad Featuring Water Hoses And Sausages Is Being Called Too Raunchy For Television [VIDEO])


The Kama Sutra was first translated into English by Sir Richard Burton in 1883.

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