Gutfeld Guest: Media Is Selling Trump ‘Disaster Movies’ That Aren’t Actually Coming

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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A Fox News contributor on the “Greg Gutfeld Show” Saturday characterized the media’s coverage of the Trump presidency as “a coming attraction of disaster movies that never show up in the theaters.”

Former Impact wrestler Tyrus was responding to the first 500 days of the Donald Trump presidency, calling it “a party in my pants.”

During a segment, fellow guest actor Dean Cain claimed that the first 500 days had been great for policy, but that you wouldn’t know that if you just watched Trump’s media coverage.

Tyrus agreed, saying, “It has literally been a coming attraction of disaster movies that never show up in the theaters. I’m supposed to have been through a nuclear war, a race riot, and there’s supposed to be an impeachment, and I’m supposed to fight some Russians, and I am black, so I’m supposed to be kicked off Fox … This one big letdown.”

Gutfeld raised his own theory, saying that the media has invested so much time and energy into hating President Trump that they couldn’t let go of it even if there was overwhelming evidence that they should. He explained, “I hate the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Worst band in the history of the world. They might release a decent song but it’s hard for me to listen to it …” (RELATED: Dean Cain Cheers Trump’s Call For NFL Input On Pardons)

Tyrus agreed, saying that was essentially what was happening with Donald Trump. He even suggested that Trump was right when he said the media would miss him when he was no longer the president. “When he leaves they will follow him. It’s not over. Rachel Maddow will be outside his house, wherever he is retired at, talking about ‘I have more tax returns. Just wait … don’t … no, it’s not over yet!’ They will literally give him an extra year just to try to get him. They’re not letting this go.”