Mike Huckabee Wonders If MSNBC Host Had A ‘Liberal Lobotomy’

Mike Brest Reporter
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Mike Huckabee wondered aloud if MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace had a “liberal lobotomy” during an appearance on “Justice with Judge Jeanine” Saturday night.

The former governor was asked about Wallace’s comments from Thursday about the women in the White House being “dead inside.” (RELATED: WATCH: Nicolle Wallace Asks If Women In Trump’s Family Are ‘Dead Inside’)

“The peacock network has become the turkey network,” Huckabee responded. “I think they need to rename it BS-NBC.”

Pirro previously slammed Wallace for the controversial comments. (RELATED: ‘How Dare You!’ — Judge Jeanine Slams Nicolle Wallace For Saying Trump Women Are ‘Dead Inside’)

“I just don’t even know what happened to Nicolle Wallace. They must have done a liberal lobotomy on her because I’ve never seen anybody have such a personality change,” Huckabee added.

“I think they’re just jealous that there are people who don’t agree with their liberal nonsense,” Huckabee continued. “You can be a woman in America as long as you are liberal, but God help you if you might be a conservative because that just doesn’t work with these people.”