Former Army Sec: ‘In A Fire Fight, I Don’t Want Justin Trudeau In My Foxhole’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former Secretary of the Army Van Hipp Jr. took aim at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday, saying that in a firefight, he would not want Trudeau to be the guy assigned to watch his back.

During a segment of “Outnumbered” on Fox News, Hipp said, “You can’t count on that guy.”

Responding to Trudeau’s comments following President Trump’s early departure from the G-7 Summit, Hipp explained, “… I think what set this president off —he agreed to the communique, he gets up in the air, and Justin Trudeau pulls this stunt. Let me tell you something: If I’m in a firefight, I don’t want Justin Trudeau in my foxhole. You can’t count on that guy.”

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Fox News host Lisa Kennedy said that Trudeau’s comments, made when he knew the president was en route to the historic summit with North Korea, were essentially a setup.

“It’s not very nice to go out and make a hostile statement after everybody has agreed to a communique. [Trudeau] put the president in a position where he is going up to this very tough negotiation. He would have to do a turn and burn or else he looks weak as he heads into this other event.”

Hipp also ultimately agreed with Kennedy, who had said earlier in the show that the president should have skipped the G-7 Summit entirely. He said, “I think what set the president off — and I think Kennedy’s right, he probably should not have gone to the G-7 Summit — because what we’ve got in North Korea is the only country in the world that’s fired nuclear weapons, or tested nuclear weapons this entire century. It’s the greatest threat … “