CNN’s Camerota To Sen. Cassidy: Trump Seemingly Closer To Kim Jong Un Than U.S. Allies


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Republican Senator Bill Cassidy struck down CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on Monday after she alleged that President Trump is closer with Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un than he is U.S. allies.


Cassidy defended Trump’s performance at the G-7 Summit over the weekend and noted that U.S. allies will be unable to renegotiate trade agreements without “some level of tension.”

Camerota then hit Cassidy with a leading question, asking, “Are you comfortable with President Trump seeming to be closer with [Russian president] Vladimir Putin and [North Korean dictator] Kim Jong Un at this moment than with Justin Trudeau and the E.U.?”

“That is seeming, it is not true,” Cassidy retorted. “Who do we have troops in wars with with Russian mercenaries? The United States actually shot up a group of Russian mercenaries.”

“Seeming is not reality,” Cassidy asserted. “I’m comfortable with reality.”

Cassidy compared Trump’s relationship with U.S. allies to a fight with a spouse, explaining that there is an “underlying issue” — trade — that needs to be addressed.

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