Drive And Charge Up To Five Devices At Once With This $20 Car Charging Hub

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Whether it’s with a group of friends or family, we’ve all been in a loaded car where everyone fights for their right to the one available phone charger — and it’s not a pretty sight. With a RapidX X5 5-Port Car Charging Hub, get five USB ports in a single place so everyone in the car, including those in the back seat, can charge their devices at the same time while on the go.

Normally $25, this charging hub is 20 percent off

Normally $25, this charging hub is 20 percent off

RapidX X5 5-Port Car Charging Hub on sale for $19.99

This car charging hub makes it easy for everyone to power up their devices simultaneously — here’s how it works. Plug in the 5-port hub into your car’s 12V-24V outlet and cigarette lighter, then connect your device’s USB charging cable, whether that’s for a smartphone, tablet, or mobile gaming console, to the hub. Next, turn on your car and hit the open road. You’ll get fully charged devices — plus a car full of happy people — twice as quickly than ever before.

Even cooler, this car charging hub optimizes charging devices for everyone’s benefit. Built with intelligent recognition technology, it’ll detect your device, adjust to its specifications, and deliver the fastest charge possible. Meaning, if there’s two different phones, a tablet, an e-reader, and a mobile gaming console all charging at the same time, the RapidX5 speeds up the charge of each one by understanding its exact needs.

Charge up to five devices simultaneously while on the go with a RapidX X5 5-Port Car Charging Hub for $19.99 in The Daily Caller Shop. That’s 20% off the original price of $24.99.

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