Kim Jong Un Briefly Speaks Ahead Of Trump Summit

Saagar Enjeti White House Correspondent
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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un briefly spoke to the press as he sat down for his Tuesday meeting with President Donald Trump.

“It was not an easy path here. There’s a history of holding onto our ankles, and it appeared there were times that there were unfortunate practices where they were trying to block our eyes and our path, but we’ve overcome everything and come to this place,” the North Korean leader said.

Trump spoke briefly before Kim Jong Un, saying, “I feel really great. It’s gonna be a great discussion and I think tremendous success. I think it’s gonna be really successful and I think we will have a terrific relationship I have no doubt.”

The pair shook hands briefly in a joint photo opportunity and are expected to speak for approximately 45 minutes. Following the direct one-on-one negotiations, Trump will be joined by a U.S. delegation for an expanded bilateral meeting.